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Control Technology

Each construction, no matter if it is used for the production of electric energy or for the control of the production process, needs a high quality control system.
While planning it is already decisive for the disposal of the construction, to set the course accordingly. Not only the choice of the hardware components is decisive but it is also especially important to facilitate the analysis of the accidental release to the maintenance staff and to give them the right evidence. A consistent hard- and software structure based on standards that are matured and used many times is the condition for this.

We, the vdb-concept GmbH possesses long-lasting experiences in planning and carrying out of such control systems. The practical realization of our concepts is to be carried out by our partners, who successfully operate on the market spread all over Europe and it goes without saying, that short response time via data communication and local short-term operations are assured. In the field of Guidance system techniques we focus on platforms of well-known firms, who are in a position to meet the highest demands of our customers using stabilized, fully developed systems.

Also the vertical communication, e. g. from the production process to the DV/ERP-level will be realized without difficulty in cooperation with our partners.

No matter if renewal of your consisting construction, or control technology for a new construction, we are looking forward to talking to you.

We gladly accept your needs and put them into practice.