second life
the most economic way to optimize your process

Our distributed Power and Free System „second life“ is based on components of a well-known German producer.

It is applied in every range of intra-logistics, e. g. in internal transports. This is applied in the automotive industry as well as to its components suppliers, surface engineering and the food manufacturing industry.

Our system is constructive and due to the used materials, a durability of construction of more than 50 years having full shift is no rarity, implied, optimal maintenance has been done during that period.

Our system is arranged in a modular way und consists mostly of standard components which are composed like a model railway and then screwed together.

For more than 30 years, we dissemble – first as assistants of the manufacturing companies – and since 2006 as self standing corporation - decommissioned constructions and store these materials in our stock.

We do not sell second-life constructions, though, but we develop in common with our customers an individually, custom-tailored leveling and eventually use components from your stock.

As a matter of course all re-used components are controlled and reconditioned. For this reason we offer the same warranty for our „second life“ components as for new parts. Exempt from this are of course second hand marks-, assembling- and lacquer marks.

Another significant advantage is the price of our „second life“-systems, which of course will have positive effects on your production costs.